Breeding performance recording

This entry is only valid for the simple breeding statistics entry. If you breed in pedigree breeding, line breeding or similar, please request a free licensed version of the studbook program at Enter the data Extra for each breed, colour range and breeding year by separate call.
Member no. from your master data sheet *
Breed *
Colour scheme *
Breeding year (e.g. 2012) *
Laying performance period Start 01.10.YYYY (e.g. 01.10.2011) * Laying performance period End 30.09.YYYY (e.g. 30.09.2012) *
Number 1,0 for breeding
Number 0,1 for breeding
Number of all 0,1 for laying including 0,1 for breeding
- thereof young hens
- thereof one year old
- thereof two-year-old
- thereof three years and older
Total laying performance in the performance period 01.09. - 31.08.
Total weight of the total laying performance
Number of hatching eggs laid in the year of rearing
Total weight of all laid hatching eggs in the year of rearing
Number of fertilised hatching eggs in the breeding year
Number of hatched chicks in the breeding year